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Taking advantage of World Energy Day, AREANATejo organised the «Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector and Measures to Fight Energy Poverty» event on May 29th in Portalegre

On September 12, 2023, the EUROPA Final Conference occurred digitally and in Torino, Italy. Two events within the conference expanded the existing knowledge of One-Stop-Shops from different points of view and brought diverse experiences of running or working with them in other European countries.

Since the launch of the eza! One-Stop-Shop in the fall of 2021, we have received over 210 inquiries from homeowners’ associations and property management companies.

At the end of these three years of collaboration with our European partners, AGEDEN have been able to consolidate and improve their support platform for condominiums in Isère, outside Grenoble Metro. 

The EUROPA Feasibility Study evaluated the implementation of the EUROPA model for the most promising replication partners trained during the EUROPA Mentoring Programme by Funding For Future.

More than 120 participants have been invited by Regione Piemonte to follow the regional dissemination event of the EUROPA project. But what do the municipalities need more from the Italian region?

The EUROPA project was present at the final conference of the ORFEE project on the 20th of June in Bruxelles, getting insights from the SERAFIN network of the One-Stop-Shops in France.

Ēkubirojs hosted the Regional Event of the EUROPA One-Stop-Shop project in Riga, Latvia. Representatives from Riga Energy Agency, Renesco, the Latvian Member Committee of the World Energy Council, and other interested stakeholders gathered to discuss the concept of one-stop-shop in Latvia.

The energy renovation of condominiums after the 110% Superbonus was the topic at the center of a thematic meeting organized by the Piedmont RegionANACI Piemonte (the national association of condominium and real estate managers) and Environment Park on the 17th of May, 2023.

Read the article to find out more about the latest updates of the EUROPA Consortium. 

In the beginning of March 2023, eza! organised and hosted the ‘Allgäuer Altbautage’, a two-day trade fair targeting homeowners who wish to renovate their home. It is an annual event, but this year – thanks to the EUROPA project– there were lectures and consultations offered specifically for apartment buildings, condominiums and housing associations.

All the EUROPA mentors of the Mentoring Programme recommended potential mentees to participate in a Feasibility Study aimed at replicating the EUROPA model in other regions of Europe. Two mentees signed a MoU for the Impact Study.

The program is funded by the Portuguese «Fundo Ambiental», with funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and aims to improve the environmental and energy performance of residential buildings, increasing thermal comfort and reducing the energy bill.

Home-owners in residential buildings are one of the major targets for helping the energy transition in France. They represent a large potential for energy savings but getting them in the process is even more complicated than expected.

The EUROPA Project will be present on 07 March 2023 in the 12th meeting of the Green Deal Going Local working group organized by the European Committee of the Regions.

Since its launch at the end of 2021 until today, the OSS in Piedmont has achieved important results. 91 were the users who contacted the OSS asking for technical assistance to start deep energy renovation interventions in residential buildings.

In the German pilot region, 2023 has begun with a change in the funding guidelines for construction and renovation of buildings. Buildings must now meet higher energy efficiency standards to receive funding.

Welcome to the SUNShINE Platform powered by EUROPA – a multi-stakeholder platform to co-create and participate in energy retrofitting projects. We are very excited to show you all the platform’s capabilities and how to use it to initiate, develop, and monitor the renovation of a building.

The 12th of December was a key date for AGEDEN. The French non-profit organization held a EUROPA webinar for home-owners living in the area that AGEDEN is in charge of. 1 hour to understand how to make deep renovation simpler, better and together.

On 1-2 December 2022, three EUROPA project partners – Climate AllianceReimarktEkubirojs – participated in a contractor workshop on Integrated Home Renovation Services (IHRS) for LIFE and Horizon 2020 projects in Brussels.

In Latvia, the Development Finance Institution ALTUM has recently launched the implementation of a support program to improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings and contribute to the use of renewable energy technologies.

On 17th-18th November, 2022, representatives from the Piedmont One-Stop-Shop (OSS) participated in Restructura, the north-west leading trade fair for professionals and private individuals on building re-development, renovation and refurbishment, held annually at Hall 3 of Lingotto Fiere, in Turin.

The EUROPA Consortium are gladly announcing the public launch of the SUNShINE Platform powered by EUROPA. The new version of the platform takes the project management tools developed in previous projects and adds a new layer of connectivity and support for the One-Stop-Shops, improving the user interface and navigability.

With the 2022 Retro Talks, the EUROPA Mid-term Conference presented project results and discussed current one-stop-shop challenges. This three-part series of online and offline events invited residential renovation stakeholders from across Europe to discuss how the sector can make retrofits accessible for all. A key focus was on the EUROPA One-Stop-Shops, the developed Energy Efficiency Subscription and success stories from the first half of the EU-funded EUROPA project.

On the 18th and 19th October, AREANATejo hosted the 5th Project coordination
meeting in the Municipal Town Hall of Portalegre. Coordinated by Piemonte Region (Italy), EUROPA has 8 more project partners from Germany, France, Holland, Italy, Latvia and Portugal, being AREANATejo the Portuguese regional partner, which has been implementing the actions foreseen in the Alto Alentejo sub-region.

On September 29th several stakeholders in the area of integrated home renovation came together in Brussels to network and brainstorm the sector’s hot topics. The event was the perfect occasion for more than 50 participants to get a bird’s eye view of the several OSS and Integrated Home Renovation Services initiatives and dive into the hot topic of how to make these services available and viable in the long run.

“How to make local Integrated Home Renovation Services (IHRS) viable on a long-run?” This is the key question the collaborative workshop organized on the 29th of September by Energy Cities in the framework of the Horizon 2020 ORFEE project will strive to answer. The workshop will take place in Brussels during the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW 2022).

With the 2022 Retro Talks, the EUROPA Mid-term Conference brings the latest One-Stop-Shops topics right to you and invites you to join us in Hesperange, Luxembourg.

On July 7th, AREANATejo organised the first Workshop targeted at market operators, in order to promote the activity of the Regional OSS and share some ideas and knowledge under the scope of the theme «energy renovation in residential buildings».

On July 7th and 8th 2022, AREANATejo welcomed in Portalegre (Alto Alentejo region) some of the Portuguese mentees participating in EUROPA Replication Process.

Onsite Regional Meeting in Turin for the Italian Mentees

On the 4th and 5th of July 2022, the Piedmont Region and Environment Park welcomed the Italian mentees participating in the EUROPA Replication Process in Turin for 1.5 days to deep dive into One-Stop-Shop (OSS) development-related topics.

"Energy efficiency in condominiums problems and opportunities": the Piemonte OSS involves the condominium managers

The first online workshop organised on April 7th by Piemonte Region and Environment Park to promote the activity of the newborn One-Stop-Shop in Piemonte was a great success.

3 days to go: Don't miss out on the EUROPA mentoring programme

The EUROPA mentoring programme is a fantastic six-month peer-learning journey that invites mentees to explore the EUROPA One-Stop-Shop (OSS) and Energy Efficiency Subscription (EES) together with one of our Pilot Regions.

Announcement of the mentoring programme for the EUROPA Replication Process

With the new year 2022, EUROPA will start into a new exciting phase of the project: the EUROPA Replication Process with its mentoring programme.

The launch of the ‘Piedmont Energy’ One-Stop-Shop

On November 23rd, Regione Piemonte & Environment Park launched their ‘Piedmont Energy’ One-Stop-Shop aimed at addressing citizens’ doubts and issues regarding the Italian Superbonus 110%.

Ekubirojs OSS is now live: Kopā ar Tevi ceļā uz renovētām mājām

After one year from the beginning of the EUROPA project, Ekubirojs launches its virtual One-Stop-Shop to make Latvians’ building renovation journey simpler, better, and more transparent.

AREANATejo launches its EUROPA One-Stop-Shop

Last Tuesday, November 26th, AREANATejo launched its EUROPA One-Stop-Shop in the Alto Alentejo sub-region in Portugal.

AREANATejo presents EUROPA at the Portugal Air Summit 2021

From October 13th to 17th 2021, AEANATejo attended Portugal Air Summit 2021 event, in Ponte Sor, Portugal. This event is considered one of the largest national events dedicated to the aeronautics sector.

EUROPA joins #REDay 2021

On the occasion of #REDay 2021, the EUROPA Consortium would like to thank Climate Alliance for hosting the third project meeting that was held hybrid (in-person and virtual) in Frankfurt.

AREANATejo signs Collaboration Agreements with Municipalities of Alto Alentejo region for the implementation of EUROPA Project

In the last months of July and August, AREANATejo met with several market operators, condominium associations, Municipalities and other relevant stakeholders, with the aim of creating synergies to implement the actions foreseen under EUROPA Project.

Eza! And its One-Stop-Shop Mission in the Allgäu Region

In the German pilot region of Allgäu, eza! is starting on its One-Stop-Shop Mission. We envision an OSS that is a kind of match-maker for the interested home owners and companies that can carry out the renovation, so our first goal is to get in contact with interested parties.

Fcubed leads a Mutual Learning workshop on financing framework for EES

On 6th July 2020, Funding for Future B.V. (“Fcubed”) led a workshop with project partners to discuss a framework for financing of the Energy Efficiency Subscription (“EES”) developed under the EUROPA project.

Ekubirojs signs Collaboration Agreement with Riga Energy Agency

On July 5th, Ekubirojs signed a Collaboration Agreement with Riga Energy Agency (REA), which is an independent, non-profit municipal agency founded in 2007 in order to ensure efficient energy management towards smart and sustainable urban development in Riga, Latvia.

Regione Piemonte and Environment Park: MoUs, Meetings with Operators, and Collective Efforts to boost dEEp Building Renovation

The One-Stop-Stop services to be launched soon in Regione Piemonte with the support of Environment Park have been discussed and designed after a long run of meetings with all main stakeholders active in the Region in the context of renovation of buildings with energy efficiency measures.

MoU between Piemonte Region, Environment Park and ATC Piemonte Centrale

Piemonte Region and Environment Park signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ATC Piemonte Centrale, which is the largest social housing company in Piemonte, for delivering technical support throughout the implementation of the Europa project

Kick-Off Meeting

EUROPA KICK-OFF: Delivering the benefits of energy efficiency and building renovation 

Reimarkt Webinar report: One-Stop-Shop

Josien Kruizinga, CEO of Reimarkt, led an online workshop on “Setting up an OSS”. The goal of the workshop was to acknowledge the lessons learned to define the first steps to make to set up a One-Stop Shop (OSS); to understand the main target groups; and to get inspired on how to start a proper OSS.