AREANATejo signs Collaboration Agreements with Municipalities of Alto Alentejo region for the implementation of EUROPA Project

In the last months of July and August, AREANATejo met with several market operators, condominium associations, Municipalities and other relevant stakeholders,

With the aim of creating synergies to implement the actions foreseen under EUROPA Project, namely:

  • To identify solutions that can be considered in the residential sector, in order to be presented to the building owners – together with the regional One-Stop-Shop;
  • To identify priority buildings (social housing), assess intervention needs and implement the project in the region – inter-municipal approach;
  • To identify financing mechanisms for implementing the measures;
  • To establish partnerships between all entities involved in the project;
  • To disseminate the EUROPA Project, its tasks, objectives and main results.

Among the approximately 20 entities involved, we can point out the result of a fruitful dialogue and 7 cooperation protocols with Municipalities (responsible/owners of buildings in the domestic sector, where social housing and rental housing are highlighted), giving AREANATejo the possibility of taking the lead in the renovation of more than 100 buildings belonging to Alto Alentejo sub-region (Portugal), thus meeting the main renovation needs of this region.

For more information about the EUROPA project, its activities and goals, and its partners, follow EUROPA social media accounts.