“Piedmont Region, Environment Park and ANACI host the online workshop ‘Energy Renovation of Condominiums after the 110% Superbonus‘”



The energy renovation of condominiums after the 110% Superbonus was the topic at the center of a thematic meeting organized by the Piedmont Region, ANACI Piemonte (the national association of condominium and real estate managers) and Environment Park on the 17th of May, 2023.


During the event, some important topics emerged, such as the need to move from an emergency state of action to a more structural approach in order to achieve the challenging objectives outlined by the new European directives. A scheduled timing and the need for programming are therefore essential elements. Having a sound and stable regulatory framework with a long-term economic support system are essential elements to accelerate the transition towards the decarbonisation of the building sector.

In recent years, many interventions have been implemented, as illustrated by ATC Sud, one key EUROPA stakeholder, which presented their energy refurbishment process which to date has involved about 15% of their entire assets. Much more will have to be done in the coming years and condominiums will be able to benefit from the opportunities opened up by the possibility to use photovoltaic systems on roofs as collective self-consumption. Even on this new opportunity, the EUROPA one-stop shops should play an active role, facilitating projects and investments.

The meeting was the last one scheduled in the Piedmont Region in the framework of the project implementation. It was the opportunity to meet about 120 Condominium Managers that can potentially be clients of the Italian one-stop shop itself in the future. As concluded the President of ANACI Piemonte, Giovanni Marenco, the collaboration among the Piedmont Region and the national association of Condominium manager will remain and will support the organization of new events in the next months. This is another important step for the sustainability of the action.