AREANATejo presents EUROPA at the Portugal Air Summit 2021


Ponte de Sor (Portugal)
Region & Country
Ponte de Sor Municipal Aerodrome (Portugal)
Location of the event
October 13th – 17th 2021
5 days
Duration of the event

Main Objective(s)

From October 13th to 17th 2021, AEANATejo attended Portugal Air Summit 2021 event, in Ponte Sor, Portugal. This event is considered one of the largest national events dedicated to the aeronautics sector and intended to bring together the most relevant entities of industry, infrastructures and services of the aviation sector allied to the sustainable development of the region and the country. Besides bringing together stakeholders of the sector, it also has an exhibition area, conferences, B2B meetings and workshops, being open to general public.

Target audience

Promoted by the Municipality of Ponte de Sor in partnership with “The Race”, “Portugal Air Summit 2021” gathered more than 200 speakers at 47 conferences and an average of 12.000 visitors (in the 5 days).

Among the various activities offered at the event, this initiative was designed for the development of business activity and fostering the national and international dissemination of the aeronautical sector.

Main Message

This initiative was attended by exhibitors belonging to the area of technological research, universities and polytechnic institutes dedicated to the sector, but also regional entities such as AREANATejo, as a partner in promoting energy and environmental efficiency in sectors with larger energy consumption.

In this event, AREANATejo highlighted its participation in some European Projects, like EUROPA, its objectives and tasks, as well as some other initiatives developed together with the municipalities of Alto Alentejo region (our stakeholders).

Expected results of the event

Exchange of contacts and experiences, dissemination of the project, capitalization, among others.