AREANATejo launches its EUROPA One-Stop-Shop


Last Tuesday, November 26th, AREANATejo launched its EUROPA One-Stop-Shop in the Alto Alentejo sub-region in Portugal.

Under the EUROPA One-Stop-Shop Project, approved under the Horizon 2020 Program, AREANATejo creates a One-Stop-Shop to assist in the implementation of improvement measures (energy efficiency and thermal comfort) in residential buildings in the Alto Alentejo sub-region.

The implementation of a One-Stop-Shop aims at monitoring the decision-making process of property owners and private investors from the beginning of the decision-making process to the implementation of investments and verification of the performance guarantee, in order to produce concrete impacts on energy savings, as well as on the production and reduction of CO2 emissions.

The One-Stop-Shop will operate in a virtual and physical (face-to-face) area where the owners can present, directly to AREANATejo, the needs that their buildings have in order to be given specialized technical support.

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+351 245 309 084

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