Regione Piemonte and Environment Park: MoUs, Meetings with Operators, and Collective Efforts to boost dEEp Building Renovation

The One-Stop-Stop services to be launched soon in Regione Piemonte with the support of Environment Park have been discussed and designed after a long run of meetings with all main stakeholders active in the Region in the context of renovation of buildings with energy efficiency measures.

Professional orders of engineers, architects, lawyers and business consultants, associations of building companies and condominium managers, as well as a key sample of ESCOs, have been met throughout June and July 2021. Besides the general agreements in terms of goals and expediency, the meetings highlighted the need for a wide regional network joining efforts to foster the dEEp renovation of buildings in the Region. The Europa One-Stop-Shops will be officially launched after the summer break and it is intended to be a catalyst of multidisciplinary expertises committed to support the investment journey of end users. Back to back with this activity, a new collaboration agreement has been signed with the social housing company of the southern part of Regione Piemonte. The agreement, in addition to the one already signed with the Social Housing company ATC Piemonte Centrale, will open the way to a robust technical assistance service for the dEEp renovation of a significant number of social multifamily buildings. The EUROPA project and its outcomes will provide a boost to the Renovation Wave needed in Regione Piemonte and across Europe and strongly contribute to the EU transition to a carbon neutral economy.