“Regione Piemonte
& Environment Park: EUROPA Regional Event”


The urgency to fight climate change at local level is passing through the definition of a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan.


This was outlined by Giulia Melica of the European Joint Research Center, who stressed the importance of an integrated approach in the definition of  policies, including the contrast to energy poverty, the protection of air quality and the adaptation dimension to mitigation measures. The setting up of a one stop-shop for home renovation is indeed a key action to encompass an overarching strategy toward carbon neutrality.

This came clearly out in the regional dissemination webinar targeting Municipalities of the Piedmont Region, Italy. More than 120 participants have been invited by Regione Piemonte to follow the regional dissemination event of the EUROPA project. But what do the municipalities need more from the Region?

Surprisingly not an additional financial support; on the contrary, 60% of the participants declared that the Region should provide more technical assistance in order to boost the capacities of municipalities to tackle the challenges of energy transition with new projects.