The EUROPA Final Conference is a combination of an online webinar and an on-site workshop in Torino (IT).

The EUROPA Online Final Conference:

Impact of Local Authorities on the success of One-Stop-Shops for the energy transition of residential buildings

12 September 09.00 – 11.30 CEST – online

EUROPA aims to build trust in the market, trigger new investments and set up standards and specifications to guarantee long term performance. The project developed standard contractual arrangements for increased transparency and assurances in deep renovation of residential buildings.

The Energy Efficiency Subscription “EES” is coupled with a technical assistance service in the form of five One-Stop-Shops, enabling coordination and support to home owners throughout the stressful investment decision and works journey.

Local authorities must become drivers to One-Stop-Shops both on the operational and strategic side. Aside from the basic decision whether the One-Stop-Shop should be a public or private entity or mixte, local authorities have key opportunities  to support the success of emerging One-Stop-Shops.
National Policies can deliver the regulatory context to make this happen.

Agenda of the EUROPA Online Final Conference

9:00  Welcome and Introduction by Piemonte Region
Introduction by CINEA
EUROPA key results and learnings presented by Project Partners
09:45 Break
09:50 The role of public authorities in One-Stop-Shops of residential energy renovation, CINEA
Workshop session:

  • Local authorities’ involvement along the customer journey of a One-Stop-Shop.
  • Exchange on the possibilities for action; with examples from practice from several public authorities and One-Stop-Shops
11.30 Closing of the event by Piemonte Region

EUROPA Final Conference: "Exchange of One-Stop-Shops Approaches for Residential Energy Renovation" Workshop in Torino, Italy

From 2:00 PM CEST, the closed-door workshop is organized with the support of four invited European projects:

  1. Simona Acerbis, ATES Agenzia Territoriale per l’Energia e la Sostenibilità di Parma (IT), Project “Easier” (ATES Parma)
  2. Lucia Predari,AESS  Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (IT), Project “Top Condomini
  3. Orlando Paraíba, ENA – Energy and Environment Agency of Arrábida (Portugal), Project «Transition Point»
  4. Andoni Hidalgo, Euriker – Opengela and its follow up project

We organise 4 rounds of 20 minutes. In each round, the 4 invited projects repeat the same procedure:

  • they give a 5-minute impulse presentation of their project
  • they answer questions from the participants

The participants, split into 4 groups, move from one corner to the other for every round. By doing so, all participants listen to all the projects presentations and attend all the Q&A sessions.

The session ends up in a general session where the EUROPA project (each of the Regional Partners) presents what it can deliver to the invited projects and what EUROPA can bring back home as added value.


EUROPA Project Coordinator Silvio De Nigris is moderating the workshop.

Interested in joining the EUROPA closed-door workshop in Turin, Italy?

For further details,

Silvio De Nigris

EUROPA Project Coordinator