The EUROPA Final Conference was a combination of an online webinar and an on-site workshop in Torino (IT) on September 12, 2023.

The EUROPA Online Final Conference

Impact of Local Authorities on the success of One-Stop-Shops for the energy transition of residential buildings

12 September 09.00 – 11.30 CEST – online

During the online final conference “Impact of Local Authorities on the Success of One-Stop-Shops for the Energy Transition of Residential Buildings”, over 60 participants joined to discuss the role of the public authorities in facilitating One-Stop-Shops. Participants represented a variety of stakeholders, including public authorities, energy agencies, NGOs, and One-Stop-Shops.

The key takeaways from the online EUROPA Final Conference:

  • The One-Stop-Shops are growing intensively in Europe, and the European Commission is introducing relevant regulations. Therefore, a further roll-out and more regulated environment is foreseen.
  • One-Stop-Shops contribute to increasing the rate of renovations. This can be done either with a deep renovation or a step-wise approach.
  • The EUROPA project demonstrated in practice the “not-one solution” direction, showcasing a variety of options for the establishment and strengthening of One-Stops-Shops, especially in regions that have not been well served before.
  • The mentoring process has also been very valuable, and making training materials available is essential to build a community of practice as the new project EU-PEERS envisage.

EUROPA Final Conference: "Exchange of One-Stop-Shops Approaches for Residential Energy Renovation" Workshop in Torino, Italy

The closed-door workshop was organized with the support of four invited European projects:

  1. Simona Acerbis, ATES Agenzia Territoriale per l’Energia e la Sostenibilità di Parma (IT), Project “Easier” (ATES Parma)
  2. Lucia Predari,AESS  Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (IT), Project “Top Condomini
  3. Orlando Paraíba, ENA – Energy and Environment Agency of Arrábida (Portugal), Project «Transition Point»
  4. Andoni Hidalgo, Euriker – Opengela and its follow-up project

We organised four rounds of 20 minutes. In each round, the four invited projects repeated the same procedure:

  • they gave a 5-minute impulse presentation of their project
  • they answered questions from the participants

The participants, split into four groups, moved from one corner to the other for every round. By doing so, all participants listened to all the project presentations and attended all the Q&A sessions.

The key takeaway from the in-person EUROPA Final Conference include:

  • The importance of local authorities in promoting in different ways the services that the One-Stop-Shops can provide to homeowners. This is essential mainly in the energy poverty topic and bridging a trustful connection with people.
  • Communication is increasingly important, either in building the motivations (i.e. indoor quality and comfort rather than energy efficiency and renewables) or in addressing the target group.
  • The One-Stop-Shops must be part of an overarching energy strategy and not stand-alone initiatives.
  • The “start small, but think big” approach should be followed. It is essential to expand the outreach of the initiatives, contaminating other territories and regions with connected initiatives working together for the energy transition to a carbon-neutral society.