Onsite Regional Meeting in Turin for the Italian Mentees


On the 4th and 5th of July 2022, the Piedmont Region and Environment Park welcomed the Italian mentees participating in the EUROPA Replication Process in Turin for 1.5 days to deep dive into One-Stop-Shop (OSS) development-related topics.

Representatives from the Piedmont Region and Environment Park together with all the Italian mentees.

The analysis of Business Model Canvas and its implementation for the design and deployment of the OSS successful strategies and sustainability was at the core of the first day of the Regional Visit. Professor Landoni from the Polytechnic of Torino led the theoretical session on business plans, business strategies, and Business Model Canvas, which was followed by a group exercise that fostered brainstorming activities to stimulate reflections about potential business models for the development of sustainable and successful OSS in Italy.

Thanks to a round table with key stakeholders and a presentation by expert lawyers in the field of energy efficiency contracts, the second day of the Meeting promoted the debate on the current problems and opportunities in today’s building renovation market and the role that an OSS can play to tackle the ongoing challenges and meet customers’ needs. Some relevant inputs emerged from the discussion concern mainly the importance of networking, both with Italian OSS already in place and all the stakeholders involved in the deep renovation process of residential buildings, as well as mutual learning to disseminate case studies and best practises across the country. The action point raised at the end of the meeting is to boost the established network within the EUROPA Replication Process in the coming months and try to establish partnerships and synergies at national level to highlight the useful role of OSS at regional and national levels.

Mentors and mentees will meet again for the EUROPA Mid-term Conference and the final meeting of the EUROPA Replication Process in October 2022.