Ekubirojs signs Collaboration Agreement with Riga Energy Agency

On July 5th, Ekubirojs signed a Collaboration Agreement with Riga Energy Agency (REA),

which is an independent, non-profit municipal agency founded in 2007 in order to ensure efficient energy management towards smart and sustainable urban development in Riga, Latvia. The Collaboration Agreement aims at establishing areas for cooperation towards the creation of an effective One-Stop-Shop for Riga to offer consulting services on dEEp building renovation and to facilitate and coordinate the renovation journey of residents of Riga from A to Z. The Agreement also includes guidelines to launch a series of internal and external educational training to 30 employees within the Riga Municipality on project management, facilitation techniques, and stakeholder engagement methodologies. 

A fruitful dialogue is open on the possibility for Ekubirojs to take on the lead of the dEEp renovation of 5-10 buildings in Riga. Ekubirojs will take this opportunity 1) to collect feedback on the Energy Efficiency Subscription from Latvian construction companies; 2) to understand major pain points of Latvian construction companies in obtaining bank loans; and 3) to address Latvian residents’ needs in order to define key features for the EUROPA onboarding to the SUNShINE Platform and ease their renovation journey.