AGEDEN’s Results and Regional Event for EUROPA


In a few months, the EUROPA project will come to an end and AGEDEN can already learn the lessons from this project.


At the end of these three years of collaboration with our European partners, we have been able to consolidate and improve our support platform for condominiums in Isère, outside Grenoble Metro. 

We have explored the possibility of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) by adopting a third-party financing system, notwithstanding with the ongoing legislation that needs adjustments to make the EPC possible and simple in the country. 

Within the EUROPA framework, AGEDEN hosted the “Condominiums and Energy” forum dedicated to the renovation of condominiums with energy efficiency measures. The forum took place on June 15th, in Sainte-Colombe, in the immediate vicinity of the city of Vienne. More than sixty renovation key players met to discuss the support of co-owners from both a sociological, psychological, and a methodological angle to reaffirm the relevance of EPCs and their benefits.

This forum also represented a platform for exchanges between all the stakeholders in the sector: institutions, support associations, co-ownership trustees, co-owners’ federations, construction companies, project managers and engineers. Once again, these exchanges revealed to be very useful, especially to reassure the co-owners during the whole process of the dEEp renovation of their buildings. 

Two other events, in June 30th in Bourgoin-Jallieu, and in July 6th in Echirolles, in close partnership with CAPEB, allowed us to further the discussion on deep energy renovation, particularly of condominiums, in order to convince more craftsmen and service providers to engage with EPCs because they are a a real source of opportunities in terms of energy savings to be achieved and emissions of tonnes of CO2 equivalent to be avoided. 

At the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, AGEDEN carried out other webinars targeting citizens of specific territories of Isère in order to raise awareness while being as close as possible to all the co-owners located in territories which are not in dense urban areas.

Since the beginning of 2022, the date of the launch of the operational phase of EUROPA, the Condominium division of AGEDEN has enabled the initiation and support of around ten deep energy renovations of condominiums for an estimated amount of work of around €7 million, corresponding to 362 dwellings for an annual energy saving of 3.1 GWhEP and 510 teq CO2 avoided per year. 

There is still a long way to go before scaling up and standardizing the energy renovation of condominiums by the end of the EUROPA project. However,the GEDEN team is committed and will keep working as efficiently in the years to come.