“Funding For Future leads the EUROPA Feasibility Study”


All the EUROPA mentors of the Mentoring Programme recommended potential mentees to participate in a Feasibility Study aimed at replicating the EUROPA model in other regions of Europe.

The mentoring group of Regione Piemonte and Environment Park suggested AESS and the municipality of Brescia, while AREANATejo suggested Goiener S. Coop and S. Energia. Since August 2022, Funding For Future held bilateral meetings with the suggested mentees to assess their potential and conduct a preliminary SWOT analysis and Business Model Canvas.

S. Energia dropped out due to their interest in the SUNShINE Platform, and the municipality of Brescia dropped out due to miscommunication. Energies Demain was engaged to evaluate the EUROPA Energy Efficiency Subscription model within the Serafin association.

Goiener S. Coop and AESS participated in several meetings to foster mutual learning and develop a preliminary SWOT analysis and BMC. AESS and Groiener S. Coop signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Funding For Future, and email proof was exchanged with the Director of Energies Demain about an upcoming meeting with all the members of the Serafin association to present the EUROPA project and the Energy Efficiency Subscription.

Funding For Future will produce an Impact Study to evaluate whether the mentees have the potential to adopt an EUROPA-like approach. The Impact Study will be ready by the end of July 2023.