Sportello Energia:

First Investment Results



Since its launch at the end of 2021 until today, the OSS in Piedmont has achieved important results. 91 were the users who contacted the OSS asking for technical assistance to start deep energy renovation interventions in residential buildings.


Of these, 52 are homeowners while the remaining 39 are condominium administrators or apartment owners. Technical information, specific technical assistance, regulatory clarifications, identification of opportunities and incentives as well as the dissemination of contacts of the current 77 market operator subscribers (ESCOs, construction companies and professionals) are the main services provided by the OSS through the experts made available by Environment Park. The most significant result was obtained in the technical assistance provided by the OSS to Regional Social Housing Agencies, which enabled the launch of 6 deep energy renovation projects, 5 of which have reached the construction phase, activating investments of almost 11 M€ that will result in energy savings of over 2.1 GWh and production from RES of 0.45GWh.

The activities are not over and the OSS will continue to support new deep energy renovation projects in the Piedmont Region.