Europa Kick-Off Meeting


Europa kick-off: delivering the benefits of energy efficiency and deep building renovation

On the 2nd and 4th of  November 2020, the EUROPA kick-off meeting took place under the coordination of Regione Piemonte. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the meeting was held online via Zoom.

The EU-funded EUROPA project aims to deliver technical assistance with high standards and guarantees measurement and verification through internationally recognized protocols. The project includes the development of an Energy Efficiency Subscription (EES) ensuring guaranteed energy savings from the deep renovation of residential buildings. The EES will be supported by a technical assistance service, which will take the form of a one-stop shop, enabling coordination and monitoring to the end users’ investment journey.

A multidisciplinary consortium of experts will develop and implement EUROPA in the next three years. The consortium is composed of nine partners from six different countries:

During the kick-off meeting, the consortium reviewed the roles and responsibilities of each work package together with partners’ existing proven tools that will be leveraged to promote the EUROPA project at both local and regional level. Even though it was online, the meeting was very interactive and efficient for all participants.

Why the EUROPA project matters: building renovation and energy efficiency

The deep renovation of existing buildings will contribute to the EU economic recovery by generating local employment, upskilling workers, and creating resilient communities. It is also estimated that, through the implementation of Integrated Renovation Programmes (IRPs) at the local level, the EU total energy consumption could be reduced by 26% and bring various co-benefits, such as air quality improvements, GHG emission reduction, cost savings, poverty reduction, less import dependency, and more resilient energy systems. In difficult times brought by the COVID-19 global pandemic, the EUROPA project and the development of one-stop shops, which will guide residents through the full renovation journey, are even more urgent, as their whole ambition is to help overcome uncertainties.

For more information about the EUROPA project, its activities and goals, and its partners, follow EUROPA social media accounts.


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