1st Europa Webinar for French home-owners of residential buildings.



The 12th of December was a key date for AGEDEN. The French non-profit organization held a EUROPA webinar for home-owners living in the area that AGEDEN is in charge of. 1 hour to understand how to make deep renovation simpler, better and together.


AGEDEN is one of the nine pilot partners across Europe that implement the Europa One-Stop-Shop (OSS) project as a solution to accelerate renovation in the residential building sector. During this one-hour online conference, aims were to explain why renovating is crucial, what to do simply and immediately to lower energy invoices (electricity, gas, heating oil) with a small budget while preparing a deep energy renovation project,  and make the process clear to optimize the potential energy savings.  


During the meeting, AGEDEN highlighted steps of a typical renovation journey for residential buildings shared between home-owners: they discovered all the main stakeholders needed since the early phases of a renovation project, including the different legal and technical documents they have to be aware of and the financial support they can request and eventually access.


As presented to the attendees, the Europa OSS is a value-add In fact, it helps to get easy access to a global approach rather than a non-efficient renovation that makes losing money by trying to renovate one element at a time without considering how all is linked. The financial part (Energy Efficiency Subscription) is one the major outputs of the EUROPA project, which includes a set of guarantees and standards for operators in the energy efficiency field to ensure long-term safety, health, and energy savings.


The webinar was very welcomed by the audience, particularly at this time, as energy costs have been increasing and regulations have been getting stricter year after year in France. Even though these points encourage home-owners to think about renovating, they know how important it is to also provide a better living comfort (both in summer and winter) while struggling with global warming and the degradation of natural resources.


AGEDEN insists on the fact that a deep energy renovation when it comes to a residential building may take between one year and a half to three years. There is no doubt about how this approach is fundamental as an efficient and long-term solution. By then, the non-profit organization alerts all citizens: energy sobriety should be a priority in every home. Maintaining this habit after a renovation is the best practice to maximize the success of energy saving and to minimize the cost of energy charges on bills. 

Attendees were very interested in this first Europa webinar. They asked for more details all along the presentation and warmly thanked the AGEDEN team for the information provided. They also appreciated having a One-Stop-Shop as a point of reference and support during the deep energy renovation journey in case a decision to renovate is made. 

This online conference convinced AGEDEN to schedule an other event (offline) in 2023 and open it up to a larger number of home-owners, co-ownership trustee (in charge of operations to maintain functional building facilities shared between home-owners like halls, domestic waste storage, parking lots) and co-ownership councils (in charge of legally managing decisions making that may have consequences on home-owners and checking that the co-ownership trustee correctly achieves its duty).

AGEDEN, French pilot of the Europa project, held its first online conference to promote the project on December 2022. The webinar title was “Planning deep energy renovation as home-owners of a residential building. Why not?”