The EUROPA Mentoring Programme

After an application process in early 2022, around 30 mentees had the opportunity to participate in our EUROPA mentoring programme. Four regional mentoring groups have been set up to learn from experienced peers how to push dEEp renovations focusing on private residential buildings. Through a multi-step learning process, groups of peers had the opportunity to learn from our EUROPA pilot partners.

We are happy to share our self-learning modules of the EUROPA mentoring programme with interested actors outside of our mentoring group.

Self-learning modules: Video Presentations on One-Stop-Shops

Self-learning modules: Video Presentations on the Energy Efficiency Subscription

The EUROPA pilot partners are in charge of the four mentoring groups. They are experienced stakeholders in consulting and supporting house owners, social housing agencies, condominium owners and property managers regarding various aspects of building renovation and different energy efficiency measures. Beyond that, all partners are involved in multiple national and European projects and regularly bring together other renovation stakeholders such as craftspeople and financial institutions.

Almost 30 participants from eight European countries have joined the mentoring programme.

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What is the Mentoring Programme about?

The mentoring programme of the EUROPA Replication aims to share knowledge and skills regarding the development and adaptation of the EUROPA One-Stop-Shop and Energy Efficiency Subscription to advance deep energy renovations of residential buildings on a regional level.

The structure of the Mentoring Programme

The six months programme is composed of three elements providing different learning moments: At the centre are the regional peer groups where learning activities are organised in different online meetings and one in-person gathering in the mentor’s regions. In addition, self-directed learning materials are available online for the participants. They allow to deep dive into two concepts at the core of EUROPA – the One-Stop-Shop and Energy Efficiency Subscription. Finally, some online sessions are dedicated to all mentees of the programme, providing opportunities to exchange and to network among peers.

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