“Energy Efficiency in Residential Sector – Opening soon the new Call of the Support Programme for more sustainable buildings”


Created in 2020 with the aim of supporting the investment of families in efficient windows, solar panels, thermal insulation, heat pumps, among other projects and equipment that promote energy efficiency at residential level, this programme has already had two editions and is expected to open a new Call soon this year with a new budget allocation.


The program is funded by the Portuguese «Fundo Ambiental», with funds from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and aims to improve the environmental and energy performance of residential buildings, increasing thermal comfort and reducing the energy bill.

The Portuguese Regional One-Stop-Shop can support the building owners in their building renovation journey by acting as relevant partner/actor and also acts as a contact point, acting transparently in the registration on the SUNShINE platform, powered by EUROPA.

As of today, the OSS based in Alto Alentejo sub-region (Portugal) is providing technical assistance to start deep energy renovation interventions in 40 residential buildings (social housing buildings), belonging to 7 Municipalities (Alter do Chão, Avis, Crato, Gavião, Marvão, Ponte de Sor e Sousel).

This work is based on the Collaboration Protocols previously signed between AREANATejo and the aforementioned Municipalities for the implementation of EUROPA Project. The residential buildings to be considered were previously identified and the ongoing services include the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Identification, collection and data analysis (related to the consumption and energy costs), including carrying out needed technical visits;
  • Phase 2: Identification of improvement measures to be considered as priorities, supported by an energy diagnosis;
  • Phase 3: Preparation of the intervention.

Since its launch at the end of 2021 until today, the Regional OSS of Alto Alentejo sub-region (Portugal) has achieved important results: several contacts received from homeowners and, so far, investments triggered in the order of 2 M€, that will contribute to the reduction of energy consumption and costs, the production of electricity via RES and, most important, the significant increase of the thermal comfort of the buildings.

The activities are not over and AREANATejo will continue to support new deep energy renovation projects in Alto Alentejo sub-region.