EUROPA joins #REDay 2021


On the occasion of REDay 2021,

The EUROPA Consortium would like to thank Climate Alliance for hosting the third project meeting that was held hybrid (in-person and virtual) in Frankfurt, as well as all EUROPA partners for their proactive participation in the meeting and their continuous efforts to scale up building renovation across Europe.

EUROPA is a 3-year EU-funded project aimed at defining the Energy Efficiency Subscription (EES), which is a set of specifications and guidelines for market operators in the energy efficiency field, and setting up 5 One-Stop-Shops (OSS) in 5 European regions, namely Italy, Germany, Portugal, France, and Latvia, to facilitate and coordinate homeowners’ renovation journey.

On 6-7 October 2021,

The Consortium organized a hybrid meeting in Frankfurt to discuss project updates, main achieved deliverables, and upcoming milestones. During Day 1 of the project meeting, all project partners showed their efforts in adapting the EES in their regional contexts, as well as in establishing their local OSS and identifying its business model and key services. All Work-Packages’ (WP) leaders provided an overview of achieved goals and introduced new tasks to be carried out from November 2021 onwards. 

Day 2 was dedicated to a Mutual Learning Workshop on “How to build a Stronger Narrative for Energy Efficiency”. The Project Coordinator of the EU-funded project UP-STAIRS, Vanda Barsic, attended the workshop and offered key recommendations and suggestions for the development of appropriate key messaging/slogans to communicate with homeowners and address their lack of knowledge and trust in the renovation process. All participants proactively joined the Workshop and managed to identify their OSS goals, their key target audience, their audience’s pain points and needs, and the services to deliver to directly tackle stakeholders’ fears and uncertainties. The meeting ended with the goal of furthering the collaboration with the UP-STAIRS Consortium and other Horizon 2020 projects to cooperate towards the same vision of boosting building renovation to provide EU citizens with healthier, safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient buildings.

The next Mutual Learning Workshop will be held before the end of the year and will focus on EUROPA Replication activities. If you are interested in becoming a potential replicator, a mentee, in your area, please send an email to or check our website at  

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