The SUNShINE Platform Powered by EUROPA is Live!


Welcome to the SUNShINE Platform powered by EUROPA – a multi-stakeholder platform to co-create and participate in energy retrofitting projects. We are very excited to show you all the platform’s capabilities and how to use it to initiate, develop, and monitor the renovation of a building.


With the latest developments in the EUROPA project, the SUNShINE Platform powered by EUROPA was enriched with the tools to enable the upscaling of the One-Stop-Shops in Europe! The platform allows One-Stop-Shop to personalise the content of the tools used with different stakeholders to address their specific needs and support the joined willingness to participate in the building renovation process.

To portray the possibilities of the SUNShINE Platform powered by EUROPA, we would like to present you snippets of what the Resident can do:

As well as how the One-Stop-Shops are empowered with the existing toolset on the Platform:


Are you ready to take your renovation journey to the next level? The SUNShINE Platform powered by EUROPA is available at