“Allgäuer old building days a huge success – nearly 6000 homeowners visit the renovation fair”


In the beginning of March, eza! held the ‘Allgäuer Altbautage’, a two-day trade fair targeting homeowners who wish to renovate their home. It is an annual event, but this year – thanks to the EUROPA project – there were lectures and consultations offered specifically for apartment buildings, condominiums and homeowners’ associations.


The fair attracted around 2800 visitors on each day. Confronted by rising energy prices, many homeowners are exploring ways to make energy improvements to their buildings and the fair was the perfect opportunity to showcase products and services that cater to their demand.

Over 60 local businesses presented their services and products for insulation, energy-efficient lighting, heating, ventilation, etc., making the fair the perfect place for homeowners to connect with local contractors and learn about the latest trends and technologies in sustainable home improvements. There were also practical presentations of renovation works.

Visitors were given the chance to take a closer look at each display and interact with representatives who provided them with valuable insights into the products and services offered.

In four halls presentations were given covering various topics regarding renovation. One hall was targeting the key challenges about renovating condominiums and apartment buildings. These types of buildings consume a lot of energy, and sustainability features have not been given much consideration in the past decades. By targeting these buildings, the fair aimed to showcase the importance of sustainability and the benefits that energy-efficient features can bring.

The talks by industry experts and energy efficiency consultants ranged from broad explanations of deep energy renovation to technical aspects of single renovation measures and were well attended. The Energy Efficiency Subscription was explained and presented as a tool for homeowners to help them in their renovation plans and provide a rating for the sustainability of their project.

In conclusion, the fair was a resounding success, attracting a large number of attendees who were very eager and interested to learn more about the latest products and services in the renovation industry and to find partners for their renovation projects.