Eza! And its One-Stop-Shop Mission in the Allgäu Region

In the German pilot region of Allgäu, eza! is starting on its One-Stop-Shop Mission. We envision an OSS that is a kind of match-maker for the interested home owners and companies that can carry out the renovation, so our first goal is to get in contact with interested parties.

We decided to kick the OSS journey off with a consultation offer for condominiums, housing companies and housing management. The home owners can reach out to us and depending on their main focus (heating, thermal envelope, solar energy,…) a specialized eza!-energy consultant will call them and have a first conversation about the situation and interest of the owners. The consultation via phone is free of charge. Either the consultant can already help out via phone and get the process started or they fix a date to check the building on site. This is then billed on an hourly rate. Afterwards the consultant writes up a protocol including recommendations on how to proceed.

In 2021 we already had about 20 contacts, most of them leading to an onsite consultation.

Right now, we are working on finding an appropriate follow-up mechanism to see whether some of the recommended steps were already taken or if there is more convincing to be done. A key finding thus far is that most condominiums are primarily looking to renovate one part of their building, for example a change of the heating system. It will be a challenge to motivate the owners to look further and see the benefits of a deep renovation, but we are confident that with an emphasis on the overall benefits of this kind of renovation we will be able to open up this field as well.