Our Mission

The EUROPA project brought together the expertise of 9 European partners to create simpler and better deep renovation of residential buildings.


We offered stakeholders a better business model through regional One-Stop-Shops integrated with an Energy Efficiency Subscription model. To top it off, we offered our stakeholders technical assistance and financing options as well as facilitation and/or coordination of the renovation process.


Our model guarantees energy savings as well as comfort, safety, health.

What were the Europa One-Stop-Shops?

Our partners ensured that our common objective of accelerating the building renovation wave was applicable to each pilot implementation region of the One-Stop-Shop in Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, and Latvia.

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Services provided by a One-Stop-Shop include: 

Proactive engagement of homeowners

This includes market segmentation, generation of leads, and targeted communication and marketing tools to reach the right groups at the right moment.

Energy renovation financial planning

We offer tailor-made plans financing to help stakeholders reach deep renovation through Energy as a Service. How the financing is implemented is done depending on the local context and the financial means of each homeowner.

Facilitation and/or coordination

We ensure deep renovation through collaboration and follow up through Long-term and affordable financing especially for low and middle income families, elderly people and other vulnerable groups who cannot access other financing means although the value of their energy savings is large enough to pay off.

A simple renovation journey!

Guaranteed results and post-work monitoring including the quality of works and, ideally, energy savings.

The EUROPA One-Stop-Shop relied on local coordination of our partners, our stakeholder network, and the digitalization of our process through the SUNShINE in Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, and Latvia.

Europa Energy Efficiency Subscription 

An Energy Efficiency Subscription is a contract between residents/ property managers and market operators aimed at ensuring high standards for deep renovation of residential buildings and defined amount of energy efficiency.

By creating a subscription model for energy efficiency, we ensured that all our regional One-Stop-Shops can follow the same standards and guarantee accuracy, transparency and quality, while maintaining local and cultural differences.

EUROPA Objectives

Boost the implementation of deep energy renovation in the residential building sector
Build trust in the market
Trigger new investments
Ensure standards and specifications to guarantee performance

We achieved this by

Defining Energy Efficiency Subscription (EES) standards and requirements for the deep renovation of residential buildings.
Aligning stakeholders to promote EES in the five pilot regions to activate demand, triggering an additional 37 M € investments in energy efficiency.
Capacity and skill training for mutual learning delivered through our One-Stop-Shops to attract financing and delivery energy efficiency investment.

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