The EUROPA Project Supports

the ‘Green Deal Going Local’



The EUROPA project will be present on 07 March 2023 in the 12th meeting of the Green Deal Going Local working group organized by the European Committee of the Regions. The EUROPA Project has been invited as an innovative best practice on financing green deal implementation at the local and regional level.


The main highlights of the agenda are:

  • Discussion on the Green Deal Going Local Policy Priorities looking at the future of the Green Deal;
  • Discussion on the revision of the Multi Annual Financial Framework from a Green Deal perspective;

EUROPA will present the coordinated regional effort to set up One-Stop-Shops in Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, and Latvia. 

The assumptions of the Green Deal Going Local working group is that the European Green Deal will only be achieved by empowering local and regional authorities and providing them with direct funds to deliver the priority investments that citizens need. Green Deal Going Local aims to inspire and accelerate a clean energy transition that brings a just and sustainable recovery, helping the EU to become the first climate-neutral continent in the world. 

Green Deal Going Local is above all intended to mobilise and engage CoR members and participants in the Young Elected Politicians (YEPs) programme, to provide them with first-hand information so that they can deliver Green Deal projects locally. 

The EUROPA Consortium is proud that its action can be a tool of inspiration for other regions and local authorities across Europe. It provides an extra added value to the project’s efforts in boosting the integrated home renovation process, which is a challenging task.

For further information about the meeting, check the Green Deal Going Local website and the meeting page here.