AREANATejo is the Regional Energy and Environment Agency of Alto Alentejo sub-region, Portugal. Our geographical area covers 15 counties belonging to the District of Portalegre, a region with a total of about 118,000 inhabitants and an average area of ​​6,000 Km2. Headquartered in the capital District (Portalegre), AREANATejo has the mission to contribute to energy efficiency and the best use of local energy resources.

In EUROPA Project, in particular, AREANATejo is in charge of the development and coordination of the «One-Stop-Shop», with the main objective of supporting the decision-making process of property owners and private investors since the beginning of the process until the implementation of investments and verification of the performance guarantee, in order to produce concrete impacts on energy saving, on the production of RES and on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

In Portugal (pilot region «Alto Alentejo»), we can point out the following target audience of the project, within the residential sector: 1) Municipalities (responsible for social housing), 2) Condominium managers, 3) Local and regional entities; and 4) Owners of housing properties.

In terms of the characteristics of the residential buildings to be involved, we can point out the following: uni or multifamily buildings that have the need to correct pathologies, potential to improve comfort and energy efficiency rates, or whose owners express a desire to promote a deep renovation.




Sala 2.7 do BioBIP –
Bioenergy and Business Incubator of Portalegre
(Campus Politécnico de Portalegre, n.º 10). 7300 – 555 Portalegre (PORTUGAL)

Contact Information:

E: info@areanatejo.pt
T: +351 245 309 084