AGEDEN is an association created in 1977 dedicated to energy management, promotion of renewable energies, environmental management and preservation.

Since 1977, the association AGEDEN (Association pour une Gestion Durable de l’Energie) has built strong knowledge and skills in supporting and promoting energy management and green-house gas emissions reductions. Its actions are dedicated to a large scope of users such as pupils, home owners, condominiums co-owners, social housing managers and municipalities. It works in close contact with many stakeholders, private and public ones, in an efficient network at local, regional and national levels.

Located in Grenoble and in Bourgoin-Jallieu, the AGEDEN activities are undertaken mainly for local authorities, 17 inter-municipalities, and end-users in the Isère.

AGEDEN has developed strong expertise in building deep renovation and renewable energies but also soft skills in behavior/habits change in order to have an effective impact on minds and energy consumption sources.

In the EUROPA project, AGEDEN has been designing the EES contract, in partnership with the European partners and has adapted the final document to the French market.

One of the key point of AGEDEN’s contribution to the project is about implementing the OSS in the Isère region of France, involving many market operators and stakeholders.

AGEDEN’s OSS will be a way for owners to easily access a complete deep renovation platform. As a regional pilot, AGEDEN will provide technical support for the platform, updated information about the renovation process, as well as support to the owners about the EES contract features. AGEDEN will also facilitate connections between owners/coowners and qualified professionals and partners. AGEDEN will set focus on the deep renovation process full completion for all stakeholders.

Another mission for AGEDEN within the EUROPA project is communicating about the OSS and the EES contract in France, especially towards local authorities and market operators, as well as condominium coowners, in order to enable an efficient replication process.

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