Launch of the Call for Mentees for the EUROPA Mentoring Process


Today the Call for Mentees of the EUROPA Mentoring Process opens for applications!

This is an invitation for parties from across the EU to join our experienced mentors in the five EUROPA Pilot Regions in France, Germany, Italy, Latvia and Portugal for an exciting six-month peer-learning journey.

The EUROPA mentoring programme is open to primary stakeholders for deep energy renovations (of residential buildings) in their regional context. That includes:

  • Local authorities 
  • Energy agencies 
  • Public/private housing companies
  • (Renovation) One-Stop-Stops
  • Organisations/Companies which support house owners in renovation efforts

Even though the concrete learning experience will depend on the needs and focus of the mentee-peer group and their matched mentor, there are some standard expectations to the participating mentees:

  • Engage with the self-direct learning materials
  • Participate in the four online sessions with mentor and peer group
  • Participate in 1,5 days in-person meeting in the mentor’s region (Final format depends on the progression of the current COVID-19 pandemic and local regulations.)

The EUROPA mentoring programme has been designed to cater to various learning needs. While each mentor’s approach will be slightly different, the benefits of participating mentees may include:

  • Learning about the mentor’s EUROPA One-Stop-Shop and Energy Efficiency Subscription;
  • Building their capacity to address challenges through tailored discussions;
  • Opportunity to network with other organisations/institutions through a focused mentoring programme;
  • Understanding the process of adapting conceptual programmes such as the One-Stop-Shop and Energy Efficiency Subscription to a regional context;
  • Possibility to be featured in a feasibility study on the further implementation/adaptation of the EUROPA OSS and EES with technical assistance;
  • Chance for more advanced participants to share best practices;
  • Opportunity to share your projects and receive feedback from peers;
  • Becoming part of an informal pan-European community of practitioners.

The selected mentees will be selected at the latest three weeks later. A kick-off event for all EUROPA mentors and mentees will take place in all mentors’ regions. The selection of mentees depends on a match with our mentors, the quality of the application and geographic concerns.

The application period starts today, the 24th of January and closes on the 21st of February.

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