Housing hazards, such as excessive heat, excessive cold and lack of ventilation lead to damp and mould, which can cause respiratory diseases, infections and mental health difficulties.

Housing quality, is key to reduce health risks and improve climate resilience.



Setting up One-Stop-Shops

EUROPA’s One-Stop-Shop approach contains both a virtual and a physical place, where you can find all information and services needed to implement a deep renovation project.
EUROPA’s One-Stop-Shop covers the following services:

  • Matchmaking service: We match you with the right service providers involved in the renovation process and with the right financial support schemes.
  • Energy renovation financial planning: We offer tailor-made financing plans to help stakeholders reach deep renovation through energy as a service.
  • Administrative support: We help you overcome bureaucratic burdens.
Defining an Energy Efficiency Subscription

An Energy Efficiency Subscription is a contract between homeowners and market operators. It enables all stakeholders involved in a deep renovation project to establish common standards and requirements for the deep energy renovation of residential buildings to guarantee accuracy and accountability, transparency and high quality.

The Energy Efficiency Subscription is an integral part of the EUROPA One-Stop-Shop approach. Through specific requirements and standards, Energy Efficiency Subscription defines the technical, financial and contractual details that must be implemented within the deep renovation process.

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